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MOMS Pricing:

8 classes/month – Pay now: $70 /month or Purchase a drop-in: $10/Class

TOTS Pricing:    (Discounts for multiple kids)

8 classes/month  – Pay now: $45/month or Purchase a drop-in: $7/Class

Our “Moms” or “Ladies” only class provides an atmosphere of female camaraderie at its best. Crossfit is a style of high intensity training that incorporates a variety of fitness modalities including gymnastics, weightlifting, running, and a variety of other conditioning tools. In one hour, two times a week, we give our mothers the best head-to-toe workout, covering several muscle groups at the same time. Best of all while you are getting your workout on, we play and teach fitness to your child too.

Here are some reasons why our Crossfit program can benefit a busy mother such as yourself. Exercise is known to release endorphins, the body’s “feel-good” hormones, which boosts mood, lowers stress and improves overall energy levels. We help our mothers by establishing simple goals for improving strength, endurance and self-confidence. Mothers are multi-taskers, and rarely get a chance to take time for themselves. Allow us to help you put your best foot forward and gain better clarity and focus for improving your self-worth.

While Mom is working out we have a special “Tots” program specifically designed for children ages 2-5/6. The program is focused on providing fitness that feels like play. We build on your child’s natural ability to run, jump, skip and climb and teach them new skills to build stronger muscles and bones. The development of social skills to build greater self-esteem is also emphasized as your child becomes a good listener and can follow directions. Your child will not experience boredom, as we promise to create a playground that is fun and interactive, helping them burn off excess energy and help your child sleep and eat better.

Please feel free to contact our Crossfit Kids Certified Instructor/Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Kristine, with any questions @ 702-358-7852.

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