Hometown : Las Vegas, NV
Age : 43
Certifications : CF-L1
Role(s) : Coach, Gymnastics Coach

FUN FACTS ABOUT SHANNON: Although Shannon seems conservative, underneath all of that quiet and sweet is an encyclopedia of information. We are certain that you can take whatever she says to the bank and cash in on her wealth of knowledge.

I am a mom of two and a teacher in the School District and I guess it’s appropriate to say I stumbled into CrossFit. Prior to my 40th birthday, I was floundering with my fitness. My son had a free trial at a local box, so we headed over to see what the CrossFit was about. I watched for about 15 minutes before I called my friend Mari and talked her into signing up with me. It was love at first sight. Once I found Outcast CrossFit, I quickly increased my training from twice a week to 5 times. I began setting goals and challenging myself and learned everything I could from every coach in the gym.

It had been 25 years since I quit gymnastics, so I was thrilled to be an athlete again. Competitions, however, were not in my sights, so I hesitated when a team asked me to do the 2013 Vegas Fit Wars. It would only be a few short months before I was the one recruiting people to compete with me. From there, I completed the CF Level 1 course in 2014 to gain more knowledge about Crossfit; however, I have found that coaching has its own set of rewards. The other coaches at Outcast CrossFit are truly outstanding humans who are really fun to learn from and work with. Besides, helping people reach their goals just feels good. And I love these people.

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Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

FUN FACTS ABOUT KRISTINE: Not only is Kristine considered “Sport Spice” because she is all about fitness, but she likes to spice things up by changing up her hair color with purple and hot pink streaks. She always has a smile on her face and can out box jump any man in the box without breaking a sweat. Kristine is an awesome mother of three who has always led a healthy lifestyle; whether indoors or outdoors, she has always looked for new, fun and challenging ways to stay active. So naturally when she found Crossfit, she signed up and went right into a 6 week diet/fitness challenge where she not only won, but completely changed her body composition. Crossfit made such a life changing impact in Kristine's life that she wanted to help people of all ages change their outlook on fitness and health. She completed the Level 1 Trainer Certification in May of 2011 and months later, went to California to complete the Kids Crossfit Certification. Crossfit changes lives and brings a community of total strangers together where amazing friendships are developed. The support and fun camaraderie that comes from these bonds are priceless; no other fitness community can give you that. She has been coaching families, adults and kids for over 5 years and is geared up to keep going strong. She's very proud to be the Office Manager, Kids Crossfit Trainer, and Trainer at Outcast Crossfit.
FUN FACTS ABOUT ROB: He's known to take a word out of your sentence and break out into song, whether he knows the words or not. He has his own hashtags...#putalittleenglishonit and #looklikerob. You'd have to see his abs to understand that last one, which is not a problem because half way through a wod, he's “that guy” who can't keep his shirt on. In junior high and high school, I was on the baseball, football and wrestling teams. A few years after graduating high school, I played rugby for 10 years. Once my rugby career was done, I took up distance running, and since have competed in races ranging from 5k to marathon. I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant from Clark State Community College in 2011. From August 2007 through April 2014 I had the privilege of volunteering as an Assistant Coach for the University of Dayton Men’s Cross Country team: coaching two individuals to the DI Cross Country Nationals. My exposure to CrossFit came in April 2013 at AKP CrossFit located in Dayton, Ohio. My brother suggested that I try Crossfit as an alternative to distance running. From there, I obtained my CrossFit L1 in July 2013 to become better educated on the CrossFit concepts. I keep doing CrossFit because I enjoy the lifestyle. Since joining Outcast CrossFit, I have the privilege of empowering individuals through structure and discipline and exercise and nutrition on a daily basis. I love that Outcast CrossFit is a passionate community of individuals who are committed and motivated to live lives with the end goal of establishing and maintaining their better self.
FUN FACTS ABOUT JEFF: Jeff is a “Jack of all Trades”, and Ninja is one of them. He has eyes in the back of his head, so it is impossible to sneak up on him. And he can, and will catch your bad form from across the room. Jeff grew up all over the country as a “Military Brat” and is a “Jack of all Trades”. When he got older, he served 20 years in the Military and then over 20 years in law enforcement. It's safe to say, that when Jeff's around, we're all safe. In 2008, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and several other serious medical conditions. After treatment, he began searching and trying training/nutrition programs in order to alleviate the medical conditions that confronted him; that is when he found CrossFit. The variety and challenging nature of the many movements had a strong appeal to him, as did the Paleo eating. After doing his research, he decided that CrossFit, combined with Paleo eating would be the best way to go. And boy was he right! After one year, he had the best cancer checkups ever and if you ask him today, he will tell you that retirement, CrossFit, Paleo eating and the tight knit community at Outcast CrossFit are the keys to his improved health and he is confident he will be cancer free in the very near future. Today, Jeff is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach at Outcast who teaches the Foundations Class, making sure you are equipped to do the WODs with confidence.