Ruthie Watkins (aka TrapQueen)


Fun Fact:

In high school, my sport was swimming. I swam for Prosser High School Freshman-Senior year, Varsity team all four years. My stroke was Butterfly and I made it to state Sophomore, Junior and Senior year.

How long have you been at Outcast CrossFit and what brought you there?

I had been coming here and there to Outcast since about June 2015, but didn’t fully commit with a membership until June of this year. I had been a member of Yakima CrossFit back in Washington before moving to Las Vegas, but when I moved to Las Vegas, I gave CrossFit up for awhile and joined LVAC because it made more sense with my schedule… though I missed CrossFit the whole time! What ultimately brought me to Outcast is my roommate Cara: she joined, loved it… I came a few times and fell in love with the people, so now I’m here to stay!

What is your favorite Outcast CrossFit moment?

My favorite Outcast CrossFit moment so far is when I decided to start competing again and realized I can actually be pretty competitive in Rx competitions… I say this because I participated in one competition with Yakima CrossFit in January of 2014, and totally got blown out of the water in the scaled division. I have come so far and I didn’t even realize it until I saw the results of the last competition I was in!

How has CrossFit changed your life?

CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways. Where do I even start? I have grown so much as a person and an athlete with CrossFit. I have learned how to come out of my shell a little more easily. I have also met so many amazing people who all share the same mindset and who all set goals and crush them, which in turn inspires me to keep setting my goals higher and higher to crush myself!

What would you say to someone considering joining Outcast CrossFit?

To anyone considering joining Outcast CrossFit: I say look around. See everyone in this room doing this WOD in front of you? See how different we all are? See that guy over there doing 225# clean and jerks for reps? Yeah, he’s 52 years old. See that girl over there hitting a 185 pound back squat PR? When she first started, she struggled to squat 95 pounds, but look at her now. We all have to start somewhere. Don’t let what you see in front of you intimidate you. Check your ego at the door. Set realistic goals. And keep coming back. You give it enough of a chance, and I guarantee you will fall in love with it.