Mission Statement

To have a fun, safe and functional environment that is fueled by a community of great people who support and push one another to reach their full potential.

Did someone say FUN?


Core Values


At Outcast Crossfit we truly believe that when you show up with the right attitude, trust the programming and put in the hard work, you will be stronger and healthier then you ever thought possible. We will always remind you of how far you've come and help you envision where you are going. We are here to give you your road map to achieve the best you.


At Outcast Crossfit we believe that a strong community is formed when you get like-minded & like-hearted people in one place with one common goal. We call it success by unity. Your goals are our goals, your struggles are our struggles and your success is our success. We can and will go further together.


Transformation is a process that consists of short term and long term goals that equal your desired destination. As these goals are reached, they are recorded and progress is measured. This takes time, dedication, and determination. At Outcast Crossfit we ask that you check your egos, fears, and insecurities at the door for one hour and give your best for that day. Through tracking your progress, gains, and results, transformation is inevitable. We will remind you that you are in the process.


At Outcast Crossfit we are not afraid of being competitive. We understand that we all are born competitive by nature, so we embrace it and use it to catapult us passed our fears and into our goals. Everyday we compete with ourselves to be better then the day before and use our Crossfit community to motivate our efforts. We will encourage and challenge you to go passed your goals.


We all have a desire to be the best version of us that we can be. This is what keeps us coming back to train day after day, regardless of how we feel. Who we believe we can be surpasses the obstacles that present themselves daily and try to knock us off track. At the end of the day, the heart is the biggest muscle and because of it, we don't sweat the small stuff and keep our eyes on our goals because they are right within our reach. At Outcast Crossfit we will never let you quit and help you push through.


We understand that getting healthy is a priority in order to live a successful life. What's important to you, is important to us. At Outcast Crossfit we are committed to making sure that we have created a platform and an environment for you to accomplish your goals. Everyday that you walk through the doors, you will have the proper programming (WOD), coaching, equipment and the motivation of your peers at your disposal. So take it because it's yours. We will always push you passed your excuses and into your possibilities.


We know it's an old cliché, but “Teamwork makes the Dream work.” There's a reason that phrase never dies...because it's true. As much as each one of us would love to be perfect at all things, we will have weaknesses and things to work on. In the same token, we have strengths and areas where we strive and are in the zone. But something synergistic happens when we combine our strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses; it is the formula for success. At Outcast CrossFit we will always present you with opportunities to reap the rewards of cooperative efforts.