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I was working my 8-4 job making decent money but I just wasn’t satisfied with where that was going. I started EMT school with the thought of pursuing Fire Fighting. I really felt like I was spinning my wheels. Outcast Crossfit started out of my garage like most gyms. I was in school and wasn’t able to make it to the gym as much as I would’ve liked. I also didn’t like working out by myself. I was currently coaching at a local box and I started to invite friends and coworkers over to coach and to train with. I started noticing I had a very deep passion for coaching CrossFit to others and seeing them grow like I did when I started. I started charging a few bucks a month so that we could get more equipment to make the workouts more fun and difficult. I had around 20 people coming in and out of my garage every few days. Kellie and I decided it was time to put up or shut up. We tried to open a gym with another couple but it didn’t work out so we decided to go our own route. One night I went to sleep a few hours later I woke up the next morning and walk down the stairs and see Kellie. She says “you have a business.” We found a great spot close to where I grew up. Outcast CrossFit was formed. I can truly say my passion for seeing people’s growth inside and outside of the gym has made owning Outcast CrossFit so rewarding. The connections I’ve made with some people who I call my gym mom and dad now are absolutely amazing and so rewarding. I want to provide great coaching with a fun and friendly community. I can’t think of what I would be doing without my OCF family.

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