How Outcast Crossfit began

I had been going to school and couldn’t always get in the gym as much I was for before. I got some equipment for the garage to do my own thing when I couldn’t get in the gym. I never really liked working out by myself so I invited a few co workers to workout with me. After a while I got a few more people involved and started coaching a group out of my garage. When that group grew to 20 I thought the garage was getting a little small and it was time to make the jump in to a bigger location.

Outcast CrossFit was born........

I found a new facility in February 2013 and it was go time. Outcast CrossFit started off very small and grew as our community grew. Over the past 6 years our gym and community have grown 10 fold. We now have a fully decked out facility with over 100 members. Every thing imaginable a CrossFit gym should have.

5 things we want to happen when you leave your gym

Here at Outcast CrossFit we try to achieve 5 goals when you walk in tho the gym

  • Laugh a few times
  • Get a great workout
  • Learn something new
  • Leave healthy
  • Look forward to coming back tomorrow


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