Brian Niida - 5 years doing CrossFit

"The coaches are top notch and have lots of knowledge."

I switched over from another local Crossfit box. At first I was unsure of the switch, but over time I knew I made the right choice. From where I was when I first joined to now, I have made huge improvements that I couldn’t have seen when I first joined....

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Chandler Marrs - 4 years doing CrossFit

"The coaches are great, the people are fantastic."

My husband and I found Outcast almost 4 years ago at the ages of 49 and 47 respectively. It was a bit intimidating at first, but over time it became addictive. The coaches are great, the people are fantastic, and we have never been healthier. We’re now ...

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Cristina Catania

"Can’t say enough about this gym and the coaches! They’re all amazing!"

The owner, Ross, has been so incredibly helpful and patient with my friend and I that are both new to the gym. It’s truly a Crossfit family!...

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Jared Tasko - 5 years doing CrossFit

"Love the open and inclusive community."

Love the open and inclusive community, the excellent coaches, and all the awesome athletes that make this an amazing box....

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Matt Pearson - 4 years doing CrossFit

"Outcast is a great gym for everyone."

Outcast is a great gym for everyone. Amazing and knowledgeable staff that can help you achieve your goal regardless of what the goal is or where you are starting. ...

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