Thursday WOD 10/17/2019

Outcast CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

4 rds

Run 100

20 Double unders

10 Slam ball

10 Lunges

5 Broad jumps


30 seconds

Wall stretch

Couch stretch

Pigeon pose

Banded hip stretch

Wrist stretch

Front rack stretch

Monthly Challenge




Good front position

Keep elbows up

Drive hips back

Keep core tight

Keep weight in heels

Get depth on squat

Use bottom of squat to get momentum to stand up

Drive knees out

Elbows up

Weight lifting

Thruster (5×3)


Teams of 2

Break up movements how you want

No more then 10 reps at a time

Team does not have to wait for both to be done with the burpees

Can start movement when 1 person finishes burpees

Team of 2 Row/SB/Thruster (Time)

Teams of 2


200 Cal row

150 Slam balls 20/15

75 Thrusters 95/65

Every MIN do 5 burpees

Cool down

Air dyne 3 min

FR- Low back /quads

LB- shoulders

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