Thursday WOD 7/18/2019

Outcast CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Assault bike 10 cals

Run 100

12 Tabata rds

5 Hang power snatch

20 Double unders

10 Lunges

7 Ring rows

20 sec

Jumping jacks

Sampson stretch

Spiderman stretch

Childs pose

Down dog up dog

Side lunge

Knuckle drags

Hang from bar


30 seconds

Wall stretch

Couch stretch

Pigeon pose

Wrist stretch

Hamstring stretch wall & rig

Calf stretch

Monthly Challenge

Toes to bar 5×5


Front rack lunge

Elbows up

Brace core

Step forward and out

Drive back off front foot


Power Snatch (5×2 Drop each one. )


Teams of 2

Teams of 2 Run/Powersnatch/Rope climb (Time)

in teams of 2

200m Run

21 power snatch 135/95

5 Rope Climbs

200m Run

18 power snatch 135/95

4 Rope Climbs

200m Run

15 power snatch 135/95

3 Rope Climb

200m Run

12 power snatch 135/95

2 Rope Climbs

200m Run

9 power snatch 135/95

1 Rope Climbs

Cool down

Air dyne 3 min

FR- Low back /quads

LB- shoulders

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